Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is a ZIP+4 Database

What is a ZIP+4 Database?

Every U.S. street and address range, with its related 9 digit ZIP code, put into row and column CSV format for easy use and manipulation. With over 50 unique fields of information and every 9 digit ZIP code in the United States, it gives you an unlimited number of ways to analyze all the U.S. ZIP +4 information. Great tool for address verification, building websites, geotargeting, and general analysis.

* Use our ZIP plus 4 data for easy lookups and data filling
* Target key locations and demographics using our data
* Comes with every U.S. address range and its related geolocation
* Has every street name and house number range in the U.S.
* Comes with Complimentary 5 digit database for more powerful analysis

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creating Backup for access database by JRO object

public static bool createBackup(string src, string dst)
JRO.JetEngine oJetEngine = new JRO.JetEngine();
oJetEngine.CompactDatabase(src, dst);
return true;
{ return false; }